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SEMINAR - Bond Refinancing for Property and Renewables

Thursday, February 06, 2014

At the end of 2013, NCM Fund Services held a breakfast seminar on debt and bond financing attended by 10 of Edinburgh’s brightest minds from the legal, finance and property worlds.  The speaker was Pietro Nicholls, head of Primary Capital Markets of RM Capital Markets (“RM Capital”).  RM Capital has common shareholders with NCM Fund Services and is a major player in broking and trading fixed interest securities in the London market.  Bond markets are a key source of debt capital through private placements for property and renewables businesses and funds, particularly now that the banks' cost of capital has limited the availability of credit, particularly for more than a 5 year term.


Real Lettings

Thursday, February 06, 2014

NCM Fund Services has assisted in the establishment of The Real Lettings Property Fund LP (the ”Fund”), which offers investors the opportunity to invest in a diversified portfolio of London residential property which achieves a significant social impact in the area of London homelessness.  The Fund is managed in association with Broadway, a leading homelessness charity. 


The Fund works closely with Broadway's Real Lettings operation which offers affordable accommodation in the private rented sector for former homeless people who cannot access social housing, but are ready and able to maintain a tenancy.  The Fund slightly exceeded its target first close of £16m this year from a growing pool of impact investors, mostly housing associations and charitable foundations, with potential to increase the fund to more than £100m in 2014 to enable larger institutions to invest.


NCM provides on-going support including processing investor drawdowns, overseeing the purchase of the Fund’s assets and processing those transactions, together with preparing the Fund’s accounts.


September 2013 - Charity News

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Some of the NCM ladies had a busy summer training and competing in the Artemis Great Kindrochit Quadrathlon in July, a very energetic and exciting fundraising event held at Loch Tay.  The sun was shining and in the beautiful setting they, along with 400 others, swam, ran, kayaked and cycled as fast as they could to complete the course in just over 14 hours!  In preparation for the event, wet suits had to be bought, kayaking learnt and many a weekend was spent running in the hills around Edinburgh! 



Thanks to all who supported Team NCM in their quest for fundraising for Mary’s Meals and Mercy Corps.  Special thanks go to those who not only gave their cash (in return for some amazing home baked goods) but their blood at the first NCM Blood Drive.  The Blood Centre were very pleased with their haul and we may host another one soon, watch this space!

Latest News

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

NCM are delighted to be assisting Episode 1 Ventures LLP with their new Enterprise Capital Fund. NCM will be acting as fund manager until such times as Episode have received their own FCA approval allowing them to proceed with the fund without delay. The team are raising £12.5m which will then be matched with a 2x investment from the Secretary of State for Business Innovation and Skills. The aim of ECFs is to increase the availability of growth capital to small and medium sized enterprises affected by the equity gap, so helping to alleviate what would otherwise remain a significant barrier to enterprise and growth.


We are pleased to report an increase in activity over the past few months and the gain of 3 new clients who have chosen to move their funds to us from another operator. This, we think, demonstrates our high level of service delivery and ability to provide a cost effective solution without compromising on client satisfaction due to our non City based team.


NCM have been appointed as administrator to a new property syndicate - Napier Supermarket Income and Growth Syndicate No 1. We are pleased to be working with the Napier team who have a long track record in the property market.

NCM Depositary Services Limited

Friday, September 06, 2013

NCM have submitted an application to the FCA for a new regulated entity -  NCM Depositary Services Limited - and look forward to receiving regulatory approval in due course. This is an exciting new development for the group and is in response to what we believe will be an increased need for depositary services. Under the new AIFMD provisions, funds who have had no requirement for a depositary in the past, may now require one and we believe given our experienced team we are well placed to assist.




Tuesday, June 11, 2013

NCM are still involved in the Crowdfunding arena and assisting with the launch of an initiative in Scotland and hope to be able to give further updates on this soon. 


Following participation in a conference organised on Social Impact Bonds held in Glasgow earlier in the year, NCM are continuing to get involved in various new funds in this area including a new fund to assist the long term unemployed to take up franchising opportunities and another fund in the homelessness sector.  NCM has experience in this area as we act as operator and administrator to the first Social Impact Bond fund, Social Finance LP



Renewable Energy

Monday, June 10, 2013

NCM have received a number of enquiries in relation to the renewable energy sector and are actively working on solar and wind projects.  This is a sector which continues to grow apace and where we believe there will be significant activity in the coming months.


Douglas Graham, FD, recently spoke at the Architecture and Design Scotland Estate Scale Renewables conference in Edinburgh on the subject of financing and managing renewables projects.  Alongside the turbine hydro turbine manufacturer Gilkes and Grosvenor Estates, Chaplin Finance has recently made an investment in Gilkes Energy Ltd a company set up to help landowners develop and finance hydropower projects.  Gilkes Energy is currently working on 20 separate hydro power projects with an estimated capital cost of £100m and an expected output of approximately 25 MW.


Monday, June 10, 2013

NCM are continuing to be appointed as operator to commodities trading partnerships where the principals are German nationals.  These partnerships have been set up to trade gold, precious metals and other commodities and represent a new asset class for NCM.  The entities involved are general rather than limited partnerships to suit the specific client needs.